Safeguarding The Important People In Your Life

When you’re looking for subtle yet professional personal protection, you need a security agency that has the experience and personnel to ensure the job is done the right way. Adhering to schedules and handling VIPs with care and respect are the trademarks of a quality security firm. It’s a service that has to be carried out with care and attention to detail.

Assured Protection has supplied personal protection for visiting royalty, CEOs, and VIPs for more than two decades. Our employees who supply personal protection are trained in-house by our founder, who has close to 30 years of experience in the military and law enforcement.

We provide a variety of options for personal protection – including armed security professionals and off-duty police. The people we select to provide this service for you have been fully back ground checked and in the case of armed security, they are fully licensed and sponsored by Assured Protection.

When it comes to determining the amount of personal protection you require, there are a multitude of factors – picking up and driving the person and their family, if required; escorting them to their destinations; and assuring that other needs are met quickly and efficiently.

In the event that travel is required, Assured Protection can easily accommodate these needs. In addition, we can help with travel plans and help stage any advanced security that’s needed. Working in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies and professionals is never a problem.

Our first meeting with you will involve a lengthy discussion of your needs, and how we can meet them in the most professional manner. We’ll review travel plans, accommodations, and timetables so everything proceeds smoothly.

You’ll receive a complete security report from Assured Protection, covering all of the details for your personal protection needs. Of course, we’ll be completely willing to change plans or solve any challenges that can spring up throughout the engagement.

This attention to detail helps create a strong sense of security for the people we are protecting, and because we believe in the personal touch, you will always have access to our personnel. Your client representative is always available to you for questions or concerns.

The Assured Protection employee assigned to your personal protection will be fully briefed by our managers and executives. When he shows up to report for duty, he will be professional, discrete and ready to offer help whenever it is needed – going above and beyond is one of our trademarks, and it’s instilled in all of our employees.

Assured Protection has helped multiple clients with personal protection services. As a Maryland-based company, we’ve escorted professional artists, company officers, and members of several royal families with our services.

One of our goals is to ensure that we give back to the local economy and population. We do our best to hire people from the surrounding areas, and whenever possible Assured Protection works with other local services and professionals – we believe that buying and investing local helps everyone.