Professional Protection With a Personal Touch

Assured Protection was founded in 2005 and for 16 years we have provided clients in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania with professional security services that range from site security for office buildings and complexes to personal protection. No matter what the service you contract us for; you’ll know that our capabilities can handle whatever you need.

Unlike national security companies, Assured Protection believes in a personal touch that they can’t match. That’s why we consider ourselves the “Home Team.” We believe in meeting with every client so we are able to gather the right type of information – and that’s more than just your security needs, it’s the care that comes from a family owned company.

Over the years, our success has been a result of how we treat and train our employees. Before they are assigned to one of our clients, each employee receives training from an authorized professional – it’s why we refer to them as “Specialists,” instead of armed guards.

In addition, we teach them that appearance is just as important as performance – we know that clients walking into an office building need to be welcomed by a uniformed individual with a professional and courteous attitude.

We’ve invested in technology that is completely digital – you’ll be able to track our performance on your computer. Our personnel check in on a timed schedule so we stay on top of any situation, and make quick adjustments to keep your property or personnel safe.

Another component of Assured Protection is how we handle our clients. We meet with you on site and in person in order to completely understand what you want, and the type of protection that is best suited to your needs. This information allows us to choose the right personnel from our team.

Throughout the contract with Assured Protection, you’ll have access to your client representative at any time of the day or night. After all, security never sleeps! When you all us with a concern or question, we’ll get right back to you. It’s the type of service that has enabled us to grow over the years.

In addition to security for buildings and businesses, Assured Protection can also help with a multitude of related services, including special event protection, personal protection, client training and consultation and private investigation. If you need a discrete courier service to transport valuable items, we can do that to!

As a local business, we believe that supporting our community and working with clients in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania allows us to help the local economies. The staff we hire and train are local, and by providing them with jobs we also help them develop life skills and personal growth. Assured Protection is proud to play a vital role in giving back to the community.

Security and protection services have become essential to companies and business owners. We believe that by working closely with clients we can anticipate any potential scenarios before they occur. Assured Protection has learned that employees who feel safe perform better, because they don’t have to worry about their own safety.

With Assured Protection you’ll get professional service with a personal feel.