Why Your Construction Site Is a Target for Criminals

Construction Site Is a Target

While many people may not think of construction sites as hotbeds for crime, site operators understand that their properties are at high risk for criminal activity. Construction site theft costs companies money and time. There are several reasons why a construction site is a target for criminals.

The high-priced equipment, tools, and materials make it hard for criminals to ignore, especially if there is no after-hours security on site.

Construction Site Is a Target

If you operate a construction site, you should not ignore your after-hours security needs. You need to understand what could put your site at risk, and you need to identify safeguards against criminal activity. By understanding the greatest security threats, you can begin to develop a strong security plan that could save you millions of dollars and keep your project on schedule.

Is your construction site a target?

There are some key reasons why criminals target construction sites. Consider the following to identify if your site is at a higher risk for theft or vandalism.

What materials are you keeping on site?

Most construction sites are loaded with high-priced equipment and material that can be used or resold by criminals. Larger construction sites, such as massive apartment communities or shopping centers, often contain high volumes of materials. Most of these items are kept out in the open which provides easy access to potential criminals.

With such a large supply of materials and equipment, it can be difficult for site operators to identify if a theft has even occurred. It can be challenging to track materials in a timely manner, so, even if you identify a theft has occurred, it is typically after the fact.

How accessible is your site?

Large construction sites tend to have a multitude of entrances and exits. They also have many different contractors, workers, and property managers coming in and out of the site throughout the day. This makes it challenging to check credentials for all visitors.

Once the workday is done, the property and all the materials it contains are unmonitored. This leaves them vulnerable to becoming targets of theft or vandalism. Thieves are most likely to take advantage of the darkness and lack of security at night to perpetrate their crimes. Without onsite security guards, your site is at an even higher risk of becoming a target.

Is there a safeguard against potential theft?

A safe site is a productive site. Construction site operators must take the security of their property seriously by hiring onsite security guards from an experienced security guard company.

Onsite security guards can offer a variety of services to protect the site as well as the equipment and materials inside of it. Some of the primary services provided include:

Consulting with site operators

A good security guard company will work with you to discover your greatest threats and develop a plan that meets your needs. Doing this upfront will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also help keep your costs down and your project on schedule.

Managing access points

Because construction sites may have a variety of access points on site, it is important to staff them with professional security guards. They can ensure that only credentialed visitors are allowed on site. They can also monitor to make sure that materials are not leaving the property without authorization.

Overnight security patrols

Construction site are most vulnerable overnight. By positioning live security patrols throughout the property, you provide a visible discouragement to potential criminals. Highly trained security guards know what to look for and will identify suspicious behavior. They are also trained on what to do in the event of a crime or other emergency on site. Their quick-thinking can help save you time, money, and liability.

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