Top Businesses That Benefit from Uniformed Security Guards

Top Businesses That Benefit from Uniformed Security Guards

An Assured Protection uniformed security guard brings a host of benefits for virtually any business. Their presence indicates to guests and employees that the area is safe and secure, while also functioning as a deterrent to anyone who may be looking to cause trouble at your establishment.

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Office Buildings

Regardless of your business, if you’re working out of an office building – or own or manage one – a uniformed security guard serves multiple purposes. In addition to keeping the area safe, an Assured Protection guard can also help guests find their way around your building and offer assistance to employees who would like an escort to their car, have automobile trouble, or assistance with security-related situations.

Apartment Complexes

Uniformed security guards patrolling an apartment complex can ensure that tenants and their property are safe. In addition, they can make regular rounds throughout the complex to monitor stairways, elevators, and exit and entry points. They can also help residents should they need assistance.


A uniformed security guard can help reduce shrinkage in your retail business by patrolling the area and keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity. In addition, they can be positioned outside your store or establishment and help limit the amount of customers who can gain entry. In this capacity, their presence will deter possible shoplifters and unwanted guests.

Malls and Shopping Centers

Larger retail areas like a mall or shopping center benefit greatly from uniformed security guards. In addition to acting as a crime deterrent, security guards can also help with crowd control and interact with customers and merchants who are in need of help or additional information. Adding security guards to your parking lots and garage adds another level of safety your customers and merchants will appreciate.

Banks and Financial Institutions

These are traditional businesses that have employed uniformed security guards for almost their entire existence. With Assured Protection, our professional guards are thoroughly trained and are given the latest technology and resources to do their job. They will show up on time, in uniform, ready to keep your bank or financial institution safe.


These large buildings present a variety of challenges in regard to security. Their size and location can make it easy for non-personnel to enter and exit. In addition, employees who are arriving for work or leaving after their shift may need to pass through a security gate or similar process. A uniformed security guard can assist with these tasks and also patrol the interior and exterior of the building for an added degree of safety.

Construction Sites

No matter the size of a construction project, there are plenty of valuable materials and equipment that need to be guarded. A uniformed security guard on the grounds deters would be lawbreakers while providing employees with an added sense of security. Day or night, uniformed security guards can help reduce theft and loss.

The Assured Protection Difference

Assured Protection works with businesses and establishments across the State of Maryland, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania. For close to 20 years we’ve been one of the top local security firms supplying professional uniformed security guards to businesses that range from office buildings to warehouses.

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