Top 5 Security Guard Qualities

Top 5 Security Guard Qualities

There are times when hiring security personnel is essential to running a successful business, event, or operation. Whether you’re looking for additional security for events, or require a personal VIP and close protection service, the main role of a security guard is to prevent potential issues before they become threats.

Top 5 Security Guard Qualities

Although technological advancements have provided plenty of tools and devices that assist in security operations, there are certain qualities only an in-person security guard can possess. These are the top 5 security guard qualities.


  1. Honesty

Security personnel must be trustworthy. There are times when a security guard must work alone; therefore, they must be trusted to stay on top of things. Honesty is essential to building and maintaining trust. This is so fundamental, companies usually require background checks to be conducted to ensure a security guard does not have a criminal record or history of dishonesty.


  1. Experience

The best security guards have a variety of prior experience and can handle a range of threats and scenarios. While their immediate experience may not be within your industry, there are numerous other professions and skills that can translate to the private security industry. Many security guards have military experience or experience in dealing with hostile and high-risk situations.


  1. Communication

Whether a security guard is working individually or as a team, communication is crucial. They need to be able to communicate with articulation and comprehension with fellow employees, management, clients and -if necessary- outside law enforcement.


  1. Vigilance

Being able to think on their feet and recognize when action needs to be taken is fundamental. A security guard needs to be able to identify a potential threat or disruption quickly and efficiently, gauging the situation, people, and surroundings as effectively as possible.


  1. Physical Fitness

The ability to maintain high levels of physical fitness can be a crucial quality to any security guard as it is likely they will be active throughout their day. There may be occasions where a security guard must patrol a large area or chase after a criminal. 


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