Top 5 Safety and Security Concerns in Hotels


Hotel safety and security is a serious matter. The law requires even the smallest of residences to stick to certain standards when it comes to the safety and security of the building. Any location that takes paying guests — ranging from luxury hotels to hostels to small-scale bed and breakfasts — must pay continued attention to the facility’s safety and security. While this may seem like an overwhelming subject, the following are the top 5 safety and security concerns in hotels.




Safety Emergencies


Providing alarms, safety features, evacuation procedures, and emergency protocols are mandatory in residential facilities of any size. Risks include, but certainly aren’t limited to, that of fire, flood, natural disasters, and terrorism. Even with systems in place, it’s essential for regular overviews and tweaks, as well as ongoing checks that these alarms and protocols are in good working order.


Challenges include the fear factor should an incident occur. This is where proper training and planning comes into play. Even with regular training, staff unused to dealing with high-pressure situations are likely to act unhinged in an emergency. One way to avoid this is by hiring private security officers accomplished in dealing with stressful situations. Their presence in a hotel can be used as a precautionary effort against crime and safety threats.


Unauthorized Visitors


Large hotels, in particular, have ongoing issues with unwanted guests. Add in public areas, such as bars, restaurants, or spas, and the size of the problem grows even more. While staff should be encouraged to get to know guests to determine possible unauthorized visitors, the use of security guards and surveillance cameras is the most effective way to handle this issue.




Theft of physical belongings is a common problem in both large and small hotels. Theft in this case includes outside sources entering the building with the intention of stealing, staff taking items from guests or other staff members, car park theft, and theft of hotel property. Security cameras are a must in the prevention of theft. 




Cybercrime, and particularly identity theft, is a huge risk for the hotel industry. Hackers are always after the mass amounts of personal information and credit card details processed through hotel systems. Putting strict IT policies in place and continually monitoring is the best way to prevent this, preferably via a professional cybersecurity service that’s designed to deal with this type of threat.

Antisocial Behavior


Another safety and security problem in hotels is antisocial behavior. Whether it takes place in a hotel’s public areas or within guest rooms, it’s essential to be proactive in preventing escalation. This is best done with a combination of a security presence and 24 hour CCTV monitoring. That way, security guards can hopefully de-escalate a volatile situation before an actual threat occurs.


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