Top 5 Crime Prevention Tips for Distribution Centers

Crime Prevention Tips

Whether you own your own business in the retail industry or a freight shipping company, you know just how important warehouse space and distribution centers are for the success of your business. Your organization’s warehouse or distribution center is full of highly valuable stock — which provides ample opportunity for criminals.

Crime Prevention Tips

It is not just professional criminals you need to look out for either. Internal theft is common in warehouses and distribution centers, with many employees convincing themselves that one item taken from a warehouse will go unnoticed.


Any theft, big or small, professional or amateur, directly affects your company’s revenue. That’s why for the success of your business, all crime must be controlled as much as possible. Here are the top five crime prevention tips for distribution centers.


Staff Checks 


You may not want to consider it, but not all staff are honest, trustworthy, or have an accurate resume. Before you employ any new staff members, it’s important that your company ensures it carries out stringent background checks.


By implementing a thorough screening process before hiring, which includes a criminal background check, your business will be able to reduce the risks of internal theft by preventing any high-risk applicants from getting the job.


Unfortunately, not all staff are honest, trustworthy or have an accurate resume. Before you employ any new staff members, it’s important that your company ensures it carries out stringent background checks.


Visitor Registration


Your warehouse is huge, so there is no way you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on every person inside the building at all times. That’s why you should not let people from outside your organization roam the premises freely.


It’s a good idea to have each guest that enters your facility write down their name in a logbook and receive a visitor’s pass. This will help your employees track who should be in the warehouse and make it easier to recognize any intruders. Plus, if a theft is discovered, it keeps an account of other suspects outside the organization.


Managed Access Control


You already know internal theft is a huge worry for your warehouse or distribution center, but by implementing managed access control (also known as keyless entry,) you will be able to significantly reduce the possibility of internal theft.


Managed access control allows your company to restrict employee access to specific areas. This gives you complete control over the level of access each employee has, while also ensuring only authorized personnel can enter your warehouse.


This is a great option for securing the more high-value items you hold in your warehouse, as the reporting feature of managed access control will mean you know exactly who had access at any given time.


Mandatory Uniforms


As your warehouse or distribution center grows in size, it becomes more difficult for employees to recognize each other. It also becomes more difficult for you to pinpoint any intruders that enter the premises.


By making it mandatory for your employees to wear a uniform, you’ll make it much easier for everyone across the organization to distinguish between fellow employees, visitors with badges, and intruders. You’ll also make it incredibly more time-consuming and difficult for a thief to impersonate an employee since they won’t have the uniform on hand.


Security Patrols


The best way to keep your distribution center or warehouse protected is to contract on-site security professionals. Whether they are present 24 hours a day or just at night, professional security guards can deter any potential threats.


They can also assist with registering guests, performing walk-throughs, and monitoring controlled access systems. Even the simple presence of a security guard at access doors can be a major deterrent to potential criminals.


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