The Importance of Loss Prevention Services for Retail Locations

Loss Prevention Services

Shrinkage – or shoplifting – has been a problem plaguing retail owners and operators for decades, but it’s getting worse, according to a story published by Business Insider:


Retailers’ losses due to theft, fraud, and other causes totaled nearly $62 billion in 2019, up from nearly $51 billion the previous year, said the survey, which was conducted by the National Retail Federation and the retail consulting firm Appriss Retail.”


Running a retail operation requires a great deal of time and effort, and managers and employees can be preoccupied with their jobs while people in the store are focused on taking what isn’t theirs.


While security cameras and other loss prevention services can help catch thieves in the act, a loss prevention service – armed or unarmed security specialists – add an extra level of security to a retail environment.


Loss Prevention

An armed or unarmed security specialist has one job – and that’s to patrol the interior of the retail establishment to observe customers and also focus on people who may be watching and waiting for an opportunity to shop lift.


Their presence alone helps to cut down on shrinkage, and customers also gain a level of security and safety by knowing they are being protected. Retail owners and operators should realize that there’s no stigma to having a security specialist in their store – it’s a wise investment that pays off in multiple ways.


Traffic Control

Depending upon the size and location of your retail establishment, the space can get crowded very quickly, giving shoplifters added coverage as they blend into the crowd and your staff is busy attending to customers.


A security specialist located outside of your store can help control traffic by limiting the number of people entering. In addition, they can also keep an eye out for anyone leaving your store who may look suspicious and are acting strangely. 


Undercover Specialists

While uniformed security specialists are an excellent choice, some stores benefit more from undercover or plain clothes personnel. This allows them to blend in with other customers and keep a close eye on their actions.

Emergency Response

In the event that an emergency occurs in your store – fire, loss of power, etc. – security specialists can act as first responders, thanks to their training and experience. Besides helping customers and staff exit the store, security specialists can also work with first responders to provide information and directions. 


Peace of Mind

Having a security specialist in your store allows you and your staff to provide better customer service and focus on the business at hand. Tasks like taking inventory, attending to customers, and ringing up sales can be completed quickly and accurately. You won’t have to worry about monitoring the situation, you can run and grow your business.


The Loss Prevention Experts

Finding the right security firm to provide trained and experienced armed and unarmed security specialists doesn’t have to be difficult. For more than two decades Assured Protection has been working with retail partners across Maryland and Washington, DC. 


Our specialists are expertly trained and taught how to react in any situation. In addition, they’ll show up on time for each shift in the proper uniform. Our guards are also experts in customer service, and can help assist in other ways.


Contact Assured Protection today and we’ll work with you to create a plan for loss prevention services. We’re ready to help keep your retail operation safe.