We Make Events Safe and Fun

Planning and executing a special event requires a great deal of time and effort. One main issue is making sure event goers and the artists who entertain them, are kept safe so they can enjoy themselves.

Assured Protection has provided special event protection for numerous events, including the Preakness Stakes and concerts for up to 100,000 fans. We know special event protection, and our experience and personal touch have benefitted event planners for more than a decade.

Special event protection covers a variety of factors besides security. We can assist with the logistics and planning pieces to help with traffic flow into and out of the location. In our experience this type of planning helps reduce confusion and stress while increasing everyone’s enjoyment.

Of course, we are also adept at providing a staff of unarmed security specialists who monitor the crowd and the backstage area. In some cases we have also enlisted the help of off-duty police officers to add an extra level to your special event protection plan.

These specialists have received proper training and coaching so they remain professional and discrete regardless of the situation or environment. We know how important your event is to you and your attendees – and with Assured Protection’s help, special event protection can be quickly crossed off of your to-do list.

Assured Protection invests a great deal of time and effort when it concerns training. Our founder, who has created the curriculum and updated it so that it remains current, leads our classes. His military and law enforcement background has benefited thousands of our employees – and helped them discover talents and career paths they never knew existed.

When you meet with your client representative from Assured Protection, you’ll quickly see why we are one of the top security firms in Maryland and surrounding states. He’ll conduct an in-depth review of the event, the venue, and the many other factors that come with special event protection.

The plan we devise will not only address the common issues, it will also account for other professional services you have hired – including emergency services like first aid stations and EMT teams. Ensuring communications between all of the parties helps an event run smoothly and safely.

Before your event is scheduled Assure Protection will review the plans and protocols with our staff. We will assign duties that are the best fit for each specialist – whether it’s directing foot traffic, helping with crowd control, or escorting the talent to various places.

On the day of your event, our employees will show up promptly, wearing clean and neat uniforms. Our advance preparations, processes and techniques result in a seamless transition from our team to yours. Throughout the day our specialists will attend to their duties, and ensure their responsibilities are covered should there be a shift change.

Assured Protection is a family owned and operated business, and because we’re based in Baltimore, we’re proud to work with local clients. It’s our way of supporting the economy, which includes hiring employees who live in Maryland.