Assured Protection On Land and On Sea

When your business or company is based on the waterfront, you need the services of an experienced security service company. Assured Protection’s solutions for wharf security have been used throughout the City of Baltimore and at other locations in Washington, DC.

Assured Protection can provide wharf security services for virtually any scenarios. We’ve provided unarmed and armed security specialists for private and public marinas for the past 16 years.

In addition, our specialists have helped protect warehouses and other commercial entities that use seagoing transport for their shipping needs. In addition, our wharf security services can patrol storage facilities located near a body of water.

In the security business, it’s important to ensure the personnel provided to a client is properly trained and certified. At Assured Protection, it’s no different. Every one of the specialists who comprise our wharf security team have their Transportation Worker Identification Credential, also known as TWIC.

This credential is required by the Maritime Transportation Security act for any workers who need access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime facilities and vessels. Background checks are performed on all candidates who want to receive this credential.

Assured Protection also has a training regimen for all of our employees to ensure they provided the best possible service. Our founder, who has a military and law enforcement background, is the head instructor for these classroom sessions.

This classroom environment encourages questions and answers, along with interaction with our instructors. We strongly believe in this training, because we want to ensure that our employees are safe and satisfied with their jobs. Our retainment rate is higher than the industry norm thanks to how we treat our employees and compensate them for their time and effort.

In addition to knowing what to do in any situation, our wharf security personnel are trained in how to provide clients with the personal touch that other national security firms don’t have. They’re also trained to maintain a professional appearance and manner, regardless of what their duties entail.

Throughout their shift, our wharf security personnel will check in via application called Officer Reports. In addition to storing this information for review with our clients, the software provides real time tracking of the security specialist. You’ll also have access to this program so you can stay up to the minute.

Finding the right security solution can be challenging, but our approach and experience make this process easy to navigate. Our highly trained client representatives will meet with you to discuss your wharf security needs, and then conduct a complete tour of the facilities, along with a detailed assessment of your current security situation.

You’ll receive a fully customized report complete with recommendations from Assured Protection. Our goal is to ensure your needs are met and match them with the right personnel from our team. This personal approach eliminates miscommunication and creates a strong sense of trust. It’s what makes us different from the other security services in the business.