Unarmed Security Specialists Dedicated to Your Safety

The presences of an unarmed security specialist can help your business and building in a variety of different ways. In addition to creating a feeling of safety, one of our unarmed specialists can help visitors find their way to offices; escort employees to their cars after hours; and monitor the building to ensure its safety.

Assured Protection’s success and longevity has been a result of hard work and dedication, but we also pride ourselves about how we treat our employees. We believe that training plays a significant role in performance, along with technology the proper resources.

Before we hire a candidate to be an unarmed security specialist, we conduct a thorough background search and contact their references. Each interview is run by an experienced Assured Protection manager, who reports findings back to human resources and directors. This thorough review helps us identify who is the right fit for our company culture.

Our president, who has more than 30 years of military and law enforcement experience, heads the training we provide for each unarmed security specialist. This classroom experience helps each new employee gain a deep understanding of the job and its demands.

After your consultation and review with one of our client representatives, we’ll create a personalized plan for your overall security. Then we’ll match the requirements of the job with our unarmed security specialists who we see as the best fit. We conduct a review of the plan with these employees, pose questions to them, and work out protocols to match a variety of scenarios.

The unarmed security specialist who will be working at your site will report directly to the Assured Protection offices via a mobile device. This tracking system allows us to make sure our specialist is not only doing his or her job, but is safe at all times. As a client, you will have access to reports generated by this technology.

As they patrol the grounds of your business – whether it’s an A Class building, warehouse, shopping mall or retail establishment to name a few – our unnamed security specialists will rely on their training and experience to ensure everyone’s safety. In addition they can also provide directions and assistance whenever needed.

For clients who have a greater area that needs security, Assured Protection can provide mobile units with different seating and operating capacities. Assured Protection maintains this fleet of vehicles and the proper training is provided to all of our employees.

The security business has grown exponentially throughout the past decade, and as the business and social climate has changed, so has Assured Protection. As a family owned and operated business, we continue to remain true to our roots while making sure that our processes, tactics, and methods are current.

An unarmed security specialist can make a noticeable difference in any business – from retail to warehouse to lobby concierge. Regardless of the roles you need filled by qualified security personnel, rest assured that Assured Protection can take care of the job.