An Added Layer of Protection, Delivered by Professionals

There may be situations where you need an extra layer of protection, the kind that requires an off duty police officer. Assured Protection has worked with police officers in the past, and our relationship with local law agencies allows us to hire the most dependable and experienced officers.

An off duty police officer working in your facility does have the powers of arrest in the event they see a felony in progress. However, if an off duty police officer is in his or her jurisdiction, their right to arrest is the same as if they were on duty.

Assured Protection carriers the proper licensing and permits to hire off duty police officers, and our founder’s career in the police force has resulted in strong ties that directly benefit everyone involved. National security firms don’t have close relationships with off duty police officers, which can cause a gap in communication and the quality of personnel they hire.

Determining when an off duty police officer is the best answer to your needs can be challenging, but our client representatives are well trained in this area. They will meet with you to figure out in what capacity the off duty officer can be of service. Assured Protection has learned that a hands-on approach encourages communication, which leads to quicker problem solving and overall customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our training and experience, you will receive a complete report and follow up visit to make final decisions and have any of your additional questions answered. Should your needs change and require additional personnel, Assured Protection can provide more off duty police officers – all it takes is a phone call or email to your client representative and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our clients have used these services in a variety of situations, from patrolling trouble spots in multi-building complexes to being on hand during employee terminations. While it’s rare for an off duty police officer to use force, his or her presence helps prevent a situation before it can get out of control.

We take every situation and security measure seriously at Assured Protection, and when it comes to our employees, our goal is to keep them safe and able to do their job. Frequent meetings and debriefings between our employees and management allow all of us to determine how to increase our efficiency and reinforce our values and commitment to our clients.

While our employees are on duty, we use an application called Officer Reports. This system eliminates the need for paperwork, and requires off duty police officers to check in on an established schedule. The software generates real time reports that we can monitor from our offices, and you will also have the same access.

As a local company with strong ties in the community, Assured Protection is able to deliver our services with a personal touch. Our family owned and operated approach to security, along with our reputation, has resulted in an excellent reputation – it plays a critical role when working with off duty police officers.