Keeping Families – And Multi-Family Complexes – Secure

When it concerns multi-family complexes and security, the first item on your list is making sure your tenants feel safe in their homes and apartments.

In addition to keeping everyone safe, your reputation for operating a safe complex will help draw new tenants, and ensure that present tenants continue to renew leases.

Assured Protection has helped keep multi-family complexes safe and secure for more than a decade – whether we’re dealing with apartment complexes, condominiums or high rises.. As a family owned and operated business, we believe that every family should have the right to feel secure in their homes and apartments.

The roles of an unnamed or armed security specialist when it concerns a multi-family complex include making sure the common areas are patrolled on a regular basis. These presence of our specialists are a natural deterrent to unwanted visitors, thanks to their training and professional appearance.

Assured Protection can also supply concierge specialists who fulfill multiple roles, from welcoming your tenants to patrolling the grounds throughout the day or night. Should you need the services of an off-duty police officer, it’s no problem with Assured Protection.

Depending on the size of your complex, Assured Protection can also provide mobile units to patrol parking lots and outlying areas. We will supply the necessary vehicles, including cars, mobile carts, and three-wheeled scooters.

All of these factors will be taken care of during the initial meeting you will have with one of our client representatives. He’ll take a tour of the grounds and identify factors that require attentions – from broken light bulbs in the stairwells to malfunctioning locks on fences and storage areas.

This is the personal touch that Assured Protection offers, and something national security firms can’t provide. As a local business, we believe strongly in keeping our communities safe, and our state economy thriving – that’s one of the reasons why we hire from the local talent pool. Working with Assured Protection supports Maryland – it helps benefit everyone.

When we present our recommendations, you’ll see the many ways we can increase the security and wellbeing of your multi-family complex. When our personnel show up, they’ll be ready to work. In addition to the classroom training each of our employees receive, they’re also prepped on appearance, uniform cleanliness, and the proper way to work with clients and their tenants.

Multi-family complexes can have complicated layouts including multiple floors, stairwells, elevators and a multitude of entrances and exits. Keeping everything safe requires our specialists to be on the move, and with our Officer Reports software, they’ll check in with us on a regular basis, allowing our staff to track movements, monitor the specialists safety, and share that information with you. Your team will have access to this software so you can see exactly what is going on, any time of the day or night.

Providing a safe and secure multi-family complex doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Assured Protection has more than a decade of experience working with clients to ensure everyone is safe. Our personal touch combined with skilled and experienced personnel will make your complex a place tenants are comfortable to call home.