Our Mobile Patrol Services Keep Security on the Move

When you need to protect a large building site or commercial campus, mobile patrol services are the answer.

Security specialists and other members of our security team can move quickly around the space to ensure against trespassers and provide security to your employees and guests.

Assured Protection maintains a fleet of vehicles including cars, three-wheeled scooter and electric carts that can transport up to four people. We’ll help determine what you need, thanks to our experience and personalized attention.

The vehicles we supply will be branded with our logo and messaging, and we assume responsibility for their upkeep and safety. You won’t have to worry about service, mileage, or any other aspects. Our vehicles, your security!

In addition to these benefits, a mobile patrol service can provide emergency assistance. This could be anything from a broken down vehicle to an employee or guest who might be lost or stranded. With mobile patrol services, we can get there quickly and provide help.

While it may seem obvious that mobile patrol services can cover more ground in a quick and efficient manner, it takes some work and research to ensure that this Assured Protection service is what your building or facility needs.

When you contact us, one of our experienced client representatives will meet with you at your location. He’ll conduct a thorough review of existing security protocols, and take a comprehensive tour of your facilities.

Next, you’ll receive a complete report outlining what we discovered and what can be done to ensure total protection. Your Assured Protection contact will do everything possible to create a plan that suits all of your needs, including mobile patrol services.

Assured Protection employees all receive initial classroom training taught by our founder, who has years of military and law enforcement. This experience has proven valuable in building a team of security specialists who are dedicated to providing security with a personal touch.

The specialists who comprise your mobile patrol service also receive complete training on the types of vehicles that we use. In addition, they are background checked by Assured Protection, with special attention given to previous experience and their driving records.

Tracking the movement of your mobile patrol service is handled by Assured Protection through a detailed software called Officer Reports. Each of our security specialists reports through this application – which provides us with real time tracking and information. We know what they’re doing and when they’re doing it. You’ll have access to this software so you can see what we see.

Assured Protection is a Baltimore based company that works closely with numerous, well-known professional and government entities. We’re proud to support the local economy by hiring professionals from the surrounding community – it’s one of the ways that we give back to the people who support us.

We’re proud to be a family owned and operated company, and our security services have earned a solid reputation amongst our clients. Whether you’re looking for mobile patrol services for site security, or unnamed and armed security specialist, we have the answer.