Site Security Delivered by Professionals

 Site security is much more than having a person walk the grounds of your building and check to make sure the doors are locked or sit behind a desk asking visitors to sign a log. Assured Protection believes that real site security starts with a deep study of your needs and how our specialists can best handle the site.

Our size and resources allow Assured Protection the ability to offer site security services that include:

  • Unarmed Security Specialists
  • Armed Security Specialists
  • Concierge Security
  • Mobile Patrol Services
  • Multi-Family Complexes
  • Off duty Police
  • Wharf Security Services

Before one of our employees reports to you for duty, our operations team will meet with you to discuss site security, and then conduct a complete review of the building, its surrounding grounds, foot traffic, and much more. This visit enables our security team to identify any areas that require extra attention or unique approach.

The result will be a complete assessment of how Assured Protection can provide the best site security. Your client representative will answer all of your questions and concerns so you’re comfortable with what we will provide. That won’t be the end of your interaction with Assured Protection,

We’ve encountered success over the past 16 years because of the personal touch we provide to our clients and their site security needs. As a family owned and operated security site provider, we know that personal attention is the best way to accomplish our job and keep our clients safe and happy.

The personal touch we provide is also a result of the employees we hire, and how we take care of them. After a careful interview and background screening process, each employee completes a classroom and field course that’s conducted by our owner. This preparation ensures their confidence and sense of professionalism.

Assured Protection specialists are also coached in regard to their appearance, professionalism, and how they should interact with our clients and their employees. They will report on time and perform their duties in a courteous manner.

As they grow with the company, we believe in showing each employee talents and skills they may not have known they had – and help them advance their career. As a result, our staff continually gains experience and builds their skillset.

Site security isn’t a one size fits all solution – each building and its surrounding grounds requires its own set of services. We can handle everything from Class A buildings to warehouses, malls, shopping centers, retail establishments and multi use developments.

Other industries we service with site security include construction sites and waterfront warehouses and dock facilities – every one of them staffed and guarded by our specialists who are backed by an entire team, along with the latest resources and technology.

Assured Protection believes in designing and executing customized solutions for our clients. As a locally based company, we want to protect the businesses and corporations that are based in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. Hiring locally is another way we give back to the economy, and in turn we appreciate the support and dedication from our clients.