Licensed, Experienced Private Investigators

The private investigator character from movies and television may be a time-honored favorite, but in reality, they’re much more different. A private investigator can serve multiple purposes – from divorce investigations to workers compensation cases.

Assured Protection’s private investigators are fully licensed through our company and have years of experience behind them. Smart, professional, and most important – discreet – our private investigators have been servicing our clients for more than a decade.

When we add a new private investigator to our ranks, each potential employee interviews with our company officers and founder. From there we conduct our own investigation into his or her background, and talk to their references and close contacts.

After being hired, our new employee will go through an intensive classroom orientation that covers a variety of subjects. The curriculum draws on the extensive military, law enforcement and executive protection background of our founder – who instructs each class.

Before proceeding on your case, our private investigator will meet with you for a full intake session and a review of all the relevant details. Throughout your engagement with Assured Protection, the private investigator assigned to you will remain in constant contact, and be available to answer questions and provide insight as needed.

A private investigator can assist with situations that call for deep background information that’s delivered in a comprehensive and easy to understand report, complete with any photos or videos as needed.

In the past, Assured Protection’s squad of private investigators has helped divorce attorneys by researching and documenting spouses, their actions, and movements. The reports they file will help lawyers document and build a case that will meet their clients’ demands.

Besides divorce cases, local attorneys have used our private investigators to research traffic and criminal cases, investigate former scenes of an incident, and ask additional questions of witnesses and other key people involved in a case.

We have also supplied private investigators to insurance firms who have been asked to pay out claims for workers compensation and other issues. Combining expert fieldwork with experience, these specialists help insurance companies determine the legitimacy of a claim.

Businesses and corporations hiring for high-level and sensitive positions have used our private investigators to prepare deep background checks on possible job candidates. We supply all of our PIs with the latest technology, hardware, and software to help them complete these types of requests. And if field observations are needed, that’s no problem.

Private investigators can supply crucial and timely information for virtually any request. The personnel we use for these tasks have extensive backgrounds in this profession – and they receive continuous training in order to stay current on techniques, changes to the law, and other vital information.

Assured Protection is a Baltimore based company that has been owned and operated by the same family for close to two decades. We have built strong ties in the professional community, and we make our best effort to use services provided by local companies whenever we can.

It’s one of the ways Assured Protection supports our local and state economies. We also make the best effort possible when hiring for new positions by looking first to resident who comprise the local talent pool.