The Best Protection for Your Valued Items

Transporting valuable items – from gemstones to money to highly sensitive documents  – is a task that you don’t want to entrust to the giant shipping companies. The risk of having the items stolen, misplaced, or never delivered is entirely too high.

While armored cars or trucks may be other options, they tend to draw unwanted attention, and the personal touch you get from one of our couriers. Highly trained and professional, they make sure the job is completed correctly and on time.

While we are a Baltimore based company, our reach extends across the country and around the world. Since we’re located near Washington, DC, we’re extremely familiar with government entities and have provided them with our courier services. No matter where your items are destined, the specialists from Assured Protection will deliver.

When you contract with us, your client representative will meet with you for an intense and detailed intake meeting. Together you will review what has to be transported, any special instructions, and the time and location for the delivery. We know the right questions to ask, thanks to our experience and professionalism.

The next step is to create a detailed plan, complete with travel arrangements and any precautions which need to be taken before and during the trip. You’ll be dealing directly with your representative, who will be there to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our plans.

In most cases, the courier we supply will be an armed security specialist who is fully licensed by the state of Maryland to carry protection. In addition to having completely the official training, every one of our couriers has gone through our classroom training directed by our founder.

This training covers every aspect of the security and courier services we offer. The curriculum is designed and updated by Assured Protection’s founder. His years of military, law enforcement, and personal protection experience are what set us apart from the larger national security firms.

At certain predetermined times, our courier will check in with our offices and with you. We’ve designed protocols that ensure the communications are not only timely, but contain the right type of information and details. While our courier is in the field, we will also serve as a point of contact for you.

Upon delivery of your item, your courier will make sure to collect all of the proper signatures and documents. These documents and any other relevant information will be presented to you for your records. Your client representative can answer any questions you may have.

Assured Protection is a Baltimore based company that was founded almost two decades ago by a security professional. We are family owned and operated and pride ourselves on making sure every encounter with us is personal and professional.

This approach to our work has helped Assured Protection build strong relationships with local businesses, along with Fortune 500 companies in the state of Maryland. Whenever possible, we use local businesses for our own needs, we believe in buying local – and so do our clients.