Keep Your Building and Employees Safe

How safe are your employees and your property?

Safety issues and security are one of the main concerns of businesses. Damage caused by intruders, unwanted guests, and emergencies like fire and flooding. The multiple factors that comprise security risks can be overwhelming, and too time consuming for owners and their staff to handle.

Assued Protection has been in the security business for close to two decades, and was founded by a professional security specialist with military and law enforcement experience. We’ve been able to help numerous clients of various sizes and businesses secure their buildings and employees.

A security assessment begins with a meeting to discuss the current security situation of your business, and then proceeds into a top down review of the physical site and security protocols already in place.

The client representative that will handle the security assessment is dedicated to providing you honest and accurate information. Working with you and our support team, the result will be a detailed report that identifies problem areas and instances where additional security is needed.

Unlike national security corporations who offer security assessments, Assured Protection is based in Baltimore, Maryland which allows us to service your account quickly and accurately – along with a personal touch that has cemented our reputation in our community.

Once the problems and weak points have been identified, Assured Protection can offer an assortment of solutions – from unarmed security professionals to mobile units that can keep your office or building site safe and secure.

Besides being trained by professionals, our employees learn how to act in a professional and friendly manner. When they show up for work, they’ll be in uniform, fully briefed, and ready to protect your assets and employees.

In addition to recommending solutions that require a human element, our security assessment will also identify security measures that are in place and how they can be improved – or in some cases completely updated with the latest equipment and technology.

Thanks to our experience in the security and safety industry, Assured Protection can recommend the right security systems for you. We know what it takes to keep a building safe, and we’ll work closely with you to establish a budget and then forward our recommendations.

A security assessment can also determine the readiness of your employees and staff in regard to emergencies – from dealing with an unwanted guest to knowing what do in the event of a fire, flood, or other emergencies.

Assured Protection can handle the proper training for your employees. Our seasoned professionals who are in charge of training our own employees conduct our safety seminars. Delivered in a classroom type of setting, these seminars are informative and insightful, and encourage a question and answer environment between student and teacher.

Security and safety play an integral role in the health and growth of your company – and a security assessment will reveal any gaps or weak points that could turn into dangerous situations.

Assured Protection can partner with you and conduct a security assessment that’s accurate, professional, and personalized. Our goal is to keep our clients and their employees safe and secure.