Professional Safety Seminars Personalized for You

What would happen in your office if a fire broke out?

What if one of your employees fainted and was waking up?

When was the last time everyone in your company reviewed the safety protocols? More importantly, when were they updated, and who created them in the first place?

These are tough questions for a manager or employee to answer, and when they occur, the results can be tragic. Assured Protection can help educate your team with personalized safety seminars designed to help increase your security level, and the health of your employees and staff.

A professional founded Assured Protection almost two decades ago with more than 20 years in the military and law enforcement. Throughout our time in the security business, we’ve delivered safety seminars for local companies and business concerns that range from 20 people to 2,000.

When we hire a new employee, their first task is to take a three-day security seminar at our offices. Directed and taught by our founder, the class curriculum reflects the experiences and skills Assured Protection has honed throughout the years – and our team constantly updates it.

Before we deliver a safety seminar, one of our client executives will meet with you and discuss your current level of security and emergency protocols – and how they can be updated and improved.

This visit will also include a thorough review of the physical space of your offices and building. This includes a review of entrances and exits and current weak spots that could lead to a gap in your security – such as a system with broken or inoperative security cameras.

All of this information will be used to create a personalized safety seminar that will not only address the basics of security, but focus attention on the areas that pertain directly to the needs of you and your employee. For example, designing a simple procedure for making sure that no one has to walk alone to your parking lot at night.

In addition to covering safety, our seminars can also be designed to provide training for basic medical emergencies, such as CPR and first aid. While no one wants to ever be in this type of situation, the steps we teach can save lives and instill confidence in your team.

Throughout the safety seminar, our classroom leader will answer questions and facilitate conversations. Our experience in presenting safety seminars provides your team with a learning environment that’s casual but informative.

Assured Protection is a family owned and operated security business based in Baltimore, MD. We have worked with companies and entities throughout the state, and appreciate they support they have given us. In turn, we do our best to give back to the local economy – we strive to hire residents from the local talent pool to help keep the community growing.

Safety seminars presented by caring, experienced facilitators can make all the difference when an emergency situation arises. The skills and protocols you and your employees learn will instill confidence and build a safe and secure workplace.