Loss Prevention That Keeps Customers Safe

Retail establishments are constantly battling shrinkage – which can be defined as items leaving the store without being paid for by customers and also by employees. The loss of income from shrinkage reduces profit margin and can damage a store’s reputation.

Assured Protection’s loss prevention services are staffed by specialists who have been trained by our security management team. In addition to completing our in-house three-day security seminar, they have also been trained on the job to increase their effectiveness and familiarity with loss prevention.

Determining the best approach to reducing loss prevention in your retail establishment begins with a meeting to determine the situation. We’ll review your current safety protocols and security measures, and then our experts will tour the establishment to obtain a better idea of where and how shrinkage occurs.

The proposal you receive from Assured Protection will contain detailed findings and recommendations in regard to loss prevention. Our client associate will review this information with you and then present our findings and proposed solutions.

Unarmed or armed security specialists may be one of our recommendations. The presence of a security specialist can be enough to deter shoplifters – who can sometimes work in pairs or groups – from entering your establishment.

This solution also puts forth a feeling of security for your customers, making them feel more comfortable in your store as they shop. This reputation for security will also help your overall reputation, and keep customers coming back.

In the event that one of our security specialists notices a person in your retail establishment committing a crime, they have the power to stop them, retrieve the item or items, and get their information. Once they have this, the person will be released.

In addition to uniformed security specialists, Assured Protection can also provide undercover options. Dressed in appropriate clothing, our undercover specialists will patrol the store and surrounding areas, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity. They can communicate via radio or phone with other security specialists for additional help, if it’s needed.

Besides guarding against loss prevention, our security specialist can also assist with controlling the amount of people who enter and exit your store. In addition to making sure there are a manageable amount of customers in your store, a security specialist also acts as a physical deterrent to would be shoplifters.

Losing items to shoplifters and dishonest employees is one of the realities of running and operating a retail establishment. Working with an established security business that is familiar with loss prevention will help reduce this drain on your bottom line – while conveying a feeling of safety to your customers and staff.

Assured Protection has been a part of the Maryland business landscape for close to two decades. As a Baltimore-based business, we enjoy working with local businesses and industries to provide them with a wide array of security services.

We do our best to use local services for our needs, and we hire new employees from the local talent pool. It’s our way of supporting the economy and the community.