Client Training and Consultation Delivered by Experienced Experts

Expanding a company’s skillset and best practices is vital to growth and success – whether it’s learning a new project management system or updating management styles.

Assured Protection’s client training and consultation services are perfect for companies and businesses who want to increase the security and safety of their buildings and employees.

The teacher is one of the crucial components of training and consultation – when you learn from an experienced professional, you’ll gain insights and obtain new skills that provide you with an excellent set of resources to draw from.

Client training and consultation has been one of our strengths – every one of our new employees must complete a three-day training course before they can work for us. We use that course curriculum as a solid base, and then personalize it to fit your needs.

The client training and consultation services we offer are based on the knowledge and real life experience of our management team. Our founding member has an extensive background in military and law enforcement, and through the years we’ve used that information to educate clients ranging from professional services to Fortune 500 companies.

Whether you need training, consultation, or both the first step is to meet with our expert team to determine the best way to move forward. This includes a deep dive into your business and employees, and if needed a tour of your facilities or business campus.

The training you’ll receive will consist of several parts. The introductory information will help attendees to get a firm grasp on what exactly security and safety means. From there we’ll examine different scenarios where this training would be used.

Trained experts who work for Assured Protection deliver our consultation services. With deep backgrounds in the security and safety field, they can conduct a thorough review of your current safety methods, technology, and safety systems such as security cameras, access to and from your building, and a variety of other areas.

Depending on what we document and discover with the consultation, we can recommend a variety of solutions and services that we offer – including unarmed security specialists, concierge desk attendants, and mobile security patrols. We can deliver all of this to you quickly and efficiently.

Assured Protection is a family owned and operated business, and we value providing a personal touch to every client who contracts with us. The services we offer are delivered by experts who are always available to our clients. Their goal is to build a relationship with you so they can completely understand your needs, and deliver the right solution.

As a Baltimore, Maryland based company we are big believers in supporting local businesses and institutions. Working within our state, Assured Protection has helped the local economy thrive, and we dedicate ourselves to hiring new employees from the surrounding area.

When you work with Assured Protection for training or consultation, you’ll get a personal service that national security corporations can’t provide. Our experts will teach you and your employees how to stay safe, and make sure your building, warehouse, or operations center are operating in a secure manner.