risk management

5 Reasons Risk Management Matters for All Employees

Risk managers know the purpose of their role and the value they bring to the organization; however, other employees may not always understand what the risk manager does or the widespread benefits of risk management strategy and actions.   In […] continue reading ›

Top 5 Security Guard Qualities

Top 5 Security Guard Qualities

There are times when hiring security personnel is essential to running a successful business, event, or operation. Whether you’re looking for additional security for events, or require a personal VIP and close protection service, the main role of a security […] continue reading ›

Choose a Private Security Company

How to Choose a Private Security Company

If you’re in need of private security services, whether for your business or property, you can’t just choose the first company you find. Private security is one of the most critical expenses you will have. After all, your priority is […] continue reading ›

Reduce Risk in the Workplace

How to Reduce Risk in the Workplace

In the workplace, employees expect much more than a regular paycheck and professional development from their employer. They also expect security. While this is rarely discussed in the interview process or in weekly team meetings, employee security is an understood […] continue reading ›

Employee Safety

Employee Safety: Your Risks and Responsibilities

As a business owner, you should have a vested interest in keeping your employees safe. Taking security seriously shows your employees that you care and allows them to feel more confident and productive at work. This is both good for […] continue reading ›

Armed Security Guard

Is Becoming an Armed Security Guard the Right Career for You?

People from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as law enforcement or the military, often consider moving into private security for a career change. People who have prior experience with firearms are in a good position to become armed security […] continue reading ›

Alarm Response Service

How Does an Alarm Response Service Work?

There are many reasons why an alarm response service is an important choice for your business, office building, factory, or housing development. If you’ve been considering whether or not to hire a private security company to manage your alarm response […] continue reading ›

Specialized Armed Protection

Do You Need Specialized Armed Protection?

The world is a dangerous place. In a business setting, you need to provide peace of mind for your customers – they won’t want to shop at your store if they don’t feel safe. And if you’re managing a housing […] continue reading ›

Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols

5 Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols

In 2019, there were over 6 million property crimes… and that number has gone down from prior years! Almost 90% of these were larceny, theft, or burglary. With this level of property crimes in the United States, the odds that […] continue reading ›

Private Investigator

8 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

We’ve all seen private investigators portrayed on TV and in movies, but what do non-fictional PIs do? Private investigators gather information on sensitive subjects. Whether they gather information for an insurance investigation, employee conduct, worker’s compensation claims, or a complex […] continue reading ›