Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols

5 Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols

In 2019, there were over 6 million property crimes… and that number has gone down from prior years! Almost 90% of these were larceny, theft, or burglary. With this level of property crimes in the United States, the odds that […] continue reading ›

Private Investigator

8 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

We’ve all seen private investigators portrayed on TV and in movies, but what do non-fictional PIs do? Private investigators gather information on sensitive subjects. Whether they gather information for an insurance investigation, employee conduct, worker’s compensation claims, or a complex […] continue reading ›

Level of Personal Protection

What Level of Personal Protection Does Your CEO Need?

You may be wondering why corporations establish executive protection programs for their CEOs and other top executives. The question is fair enough, since corporate executive protection is a relatively new phenomenon for many companies, and by its very nature, not […] continue reading ›

Crime Prevention Tips

Top 5 Crime Prevention Tips for Distribution Centers

Whether you own your own business in the retail industry or a freight shipping company, you know just how important warehouse space and distribution centers are for the success of your business. Your organization’s warehouse or distribution center is full […] continue reading ›

Concierge Security Guard

How a Concierge Security Guard Can Make Residents Feel Safe

Concierge security is a sought-after security option for apartments and office buildings due to the added advantage they offer. Not only do you get someone who will secure the property from burglars and other potential threats, but you also get […] continue reading ›

Construction Site Is a Target

Why Your Construction Site Is a Target for Criminals

While many people may not think of construction sites as hotbeds for crime, site operators understand that their properties are at high risk for criminal activity. Construction site theft costs companies money and time. There are several reasons why a construction […] continue reading ›

Personal Protection

4 Reasons Why Professionals Need Personal Protection

It sounds like something from a movie or television show – a personal bodyguard shadowing a VIP, complete with earpiece, dark suit, and sunglasses. In reality, there are a variety of reasons why professionals need personal protection.   Personal protection […] continue reading ›

Loss Prevention Services

The Importance of Loss Prevention Services for Retail Locations

Shrinkage – or shoplifting – has been a problem plaguing retail owners and operators for decades, but it’s getting worse, according to a story published by Business Insider:   “Retailers’ losses due to theft, fraud, and other causes totaled nearly […] continue reading ›

Building Security Service

What to Look for in a Building Security Service

As a building owner or operator, you have a multitude of tasks and responsibilities. From making sure your tenants are content to keeping on top of maintenance requests and delivery operations – there’s hardly time to catch your breath.   […] continue reading ›

5 Benefits of Armed Security Guard Patrol Services

5 Benefits of Armed Security Guard Patrol Services

No matter what type of business you own or manage, it’s valuable in terms of assets, holdings, property values, and most importantly – your employees and staff. Keeping these assets and people safe and secure requires a variety of safety […] continue reading ›