Is Becoming an Armed Security Guard the Right Career for You?

Armed Security Guard

People from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as law enforcement or the military, often consider moving into private security for a career change. People who have prior experience with firearms are in a good position to become armed security guards. However, this is a demanding profession, and not everyone will be a good fit, regardless of experience. If you’re considering a career in armed security, here are the job responsibilities – and risks- you might encounter.


Armed Security Guard

Armed Security Guard Job Responsibilities


As an armed guard, your most important responsibility is simply your presence. By having armed guards on a property, or guarding a VIP, the chances of an unfortunate incident are greatly reduced. Of course, you would also be responsible to defend, with violence if necessary, if an attack happens.


Throughout your work hours, you would be expected to be polite and friendly towards the client and any guests, customers, etc. You would be part of the public-facing presence and would be expected to act accordingly.


Other responsibilities could include:

  • Monitoring security cameras
  • Checking IDs/ badges/ etc.
  • Patrolling the area, either in a vehicle or on foot
  • Detaining or arresting suspects
  • Promptly answering calls or complaints when on duty
  • Protecting participants during high-value transactions


Armed Security Guard Job Risks


The biggest risk as an armed security guard is the most obvious: when guns are involved, there is always a chance of injury or death. As a private armed security guard, you would be expected to be first in the line of defense if a shootout occurs, even if it puts you at high personal risk.


You would also share a large measure of responsibility in protecting the public. This can become a risk when providing security at large public gatherings, such as political rallies or concerts. If something happens that causes the crowd to panic, you could get mobbed.


Plus, you alone are responsible for the proper usage of your firearm. If you were to accidentally shoot an innocent, you would most likely be held accountable. Success as a private armed security guard requires good aim and good judgment. 


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