Guarding Your Customers and Vendors

Retail complexes represent millions of dollars worth of investment, property, and income. Keeping a complex, no matter what the size, safe and secure encourages customers to visit on a regular basis and helps vendors build their businesses.

Assured Protection has provided retail complexes across the state and in Washington, DC with a variety of security solutions. For almost two decades we have collaborated with these customers to create personalized and customized security environments that boost customer traffic and vendor satisfaction.

There are several different options that we can provide, which are based on multiple factors, including the location of your retail complex; the full acreage, including such structures as parking lots and garages; and the demands of your vendors and customers.

When you meet with your client representative, these details and many others will be considered in order to help design the right solution. In addition, we’ll take a tour of the retail complex in order to get a complete picture of its design and security systems.

The personalized report you receive will contain all of our recommendations and observations, including which services we think would work best for your retail complex. Thanks to our experience and field knowledge, Assured Protection’s plan will contain several scenarios and solutions.

One of the most effective security measures for retail complexes are unarmed security specialists. Unarmed specialists can patrol the inside and outside of your location – which presents a feeling of safety and security. These specialists will also act as ambassadors to your visitors, helping them with directions and other information.

Armed security specialists are another option we can provide for your retail complex. These employees have been licensed and certified by the state of Maryland and usually have past experience in law enforcement or the military. Their presence adds another level of security to your complex and the safety of your guests.

Mobile patrols are also another method for patrolling a large area around your retail complex. Assured Protection will supply and maintain vehicles including cars, three wheeled scooters, and electric carts. This option allows us to cover a wide area and in addition to acting as security, our employees can help customers reach their parking spaces safely.

The employees we supply for these roles will have attended a three-day workshop taught by our founder. The curriculum and instruction is backed by his decades of experience in law enforcement, military, and personal protection. Assured Protection updates this course on a regular basis so our employees learn the latest methods and techniques for providing high quality security.

As a Maryland based company, we are strong believers in supporting the local economy. Our goal is to hire employees from the immediate area, and whenever possible we enlist the services of businesses and suppliers located in the region. This approach has helped us establish strong community ties, and encouraged others to buy local when considering their security needs.

No matter the size and location, retail complexes are vital to the economy, and Assured Protection is dedicated to keeping them safe and secure. Customers, vendors, and owners are our concern, so businesses can thrive and grow.