Family First, Family Safe

Multi family complexes are more than buildings; they’re home to your residents. They’re a place where they can live and grow, without worrying about security and unwanted visitors. These buildings and complexes present unique challenges when it concerns security services.

Assured Protection has been in business for almost two decades, and we’ve helped multi family complexes – apartment buildings, condominiums, public housing and more – with their security. Thanks to our selection of services, you can rest easy knowing our specialists are on the job.

Unarmed Security Specialists

When you want a security presence that helps keep everyone safe and secure, this service may be the answer. Our specialists are trained in more than security, they are also taught customer service skills and presenting a reliable and professional manner.

Our specialists can be used in multiple ways. They can make daily and nightly rounds of your complex to ensure gates and locks are secure, emergency equipment is working, and common areas are open and inviting and staircases are accessible and elevators are working properly.

Your multi family complex will be watched over by our personnel, and should an event or emergency occur, they’ll act quickly to contact the proper authorities, and direct them to the site.

Armed Security Specialists

This choice of service is usually requested when owners or operators of multi family complex prefer a stronger sense of security. Licensed by the state and backed by Assured Protection, these specialists are familiar with the proper use of their equipment.

In addition they will also perform the same duties of our unarmed security specialists. Patrolling the area and making sure entrances and exits are functioning are only a few of their responsibilities. Day or night, your multi family complex will be a safe haven for your residents.

Mobile Patrols

When a multi family complex houses parking lots or garages, and have a large footprint, mobile patrols are what we suggest. Assured Protection will furnish the right vehicle for the job, including cars, three-wheeled scooter, or electric carts.

The employee manning these vehicles has been trained in their use, and are able to cover a wide amount of real estate quickly. They can work in tandem with our security specialists on foot, and provide immediate support.

Off Duty Police

Multi family complexes with high security demands can consider the use of off duty police. Skilled, highly trained, and experienced, they wear clothes that identify them as police and are properly registered and licensed by the State of Maryland. While on duty, their presence helps deter would be trespassers and unwanted guests, while helping your residents feel safe.

Concierge Security

Greeting residents while maintaining security requires trained individuals who know the security business, and present themselves in a professional and open manner. Our concierge security specialists can help with resident and guest sign-ins; sign for packages and letters; and monitor your complex for emergencies or anyone in need of help.

Assured Protection has worked with multi family complexes throughout Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Located in suburban and urban areas and ranging from condominiums to apartment complexes, we’ve helped create a living environment that makes residents and staff feel safe.