Loss Protection Delivered by Professionals

Retail complexes and freestanding retail stores face a major problem when it comes to shrinkage. Whether it’s due to customers or employees, it severely impacts the bottom line, along with the reputation and brand image of the retail establishments.

Combating loss protection can be a complicated task, but the proper use of security specialists can keep unwanted guests and shoplifters in check. Assured Protection has several different solutions that can be customized and personalized for your needs.

Traditionally, unnamed security specialists are the first line of defense. They can be located inside and outside of the establishment, with their presence acting as a deterrent. Specialists located outside of your store can also help with crowd control and limiting the amount of shoppers who enter – making it easier on your employees and staff.

Undercover specialists, dressed in plain clothes, can circulate among shoppers in a discrete manner. Observing foot traffic and customers, our specialists have more freedom of movement, and help maintain consistent loss protection.

Whatever method you choose, Assured Protection employees receive intense training after they are initially hired.

These classroom sessions are handled by our company’s owner, who has decades of experience in law enforcement, the military, and providing personal protection. His knowledge, combined with a time-tested curriculum, prepares our employees for their new careers. Assured Protection

Before we begin your loss protection services, our client representatives will meet with you to discuss your challenges and review any current security protocols, including a review of current security systems, including cameras and other technology.

After a tour of the complex, which provides us with more information and data, we’ll work with our upper management to produce a customized plan to counter loss protection. We value a personal approach to our clients and their needs, which means your Assured Protection contact will be available to field questions and additional needs – we’re there for you.

Larger national security chains are prone to using paper reports and only provide monthly updates. We use a software program called Officer Reports, which functions as tracking device and also provides real time reports of where our employees are, and what they are doing. We allow our clients complete access to this information, so you can see what’s going on around the clock.

Loss prevention is a serious problem, and affects everyone. Security specialists are excellent deterrents to shoplifters and unwanted guests in your retail establishment. We train our employees to be alert and take the necessary steps in preventing problems before they can result in serious problems.

Assured Protection is based in Baltimore, Maryland we also service the Washington, DC and Pennsylvania areas. We care deeply about these economies, especially the ones closed to home. Our recruiters work to hire employees from local talent pools, and whenever possible we purchase materials and professional services from our neighbors and friends. Buying local helps all of us.