Your Safety Is Our Business

Industrial facilities are vital to the growth of our local, state, and federal economies. However, they are susceptible to a variety of threats, including theft, trespassing, vandalism, and a variety of other security issues.

Assured Protection is based in Baltimore, Maryland, which is home to a wide variety of industrial facilities that can range from small concerns to those that cover acres of land.

Located at major points of transportation – including water, rail, and air – industrial facilities may need specialized services from a security firm. With our location and experience, we’re familiar with this type of client, and can supply exactly what you need.

When it concerns waterfront facilities, Assured Protection has provided unarmed and armed security specialists for private and public marinas for the past 16 years.

Our specialists have helped protect warehouses and other commercial entities that use seagoing transport for their shipping needs. Every one of the specialists who comprise our wharf security team have their Transportation Worker Identification Credential, also known as TWIC.

Other options include unarmed and armed security specialists that can carry out multiple tasks during their shifts. Mobile patrols are perfectly suited for industrial facilities, and ours come equipped with cars, three-wheeled scooters or electric carts – all of which are provided and maintained by Assured Protection.

The combination of mobile and foot patrols help create a security net with a wide reach, and teams can help support one another throughout the shift. In addition, employees and company officers can be transported by our mobile units should the need arise.

When it concerns security for industrial facilities, there are a variety of areas that may require attention. Our security specialists can staff gate houses and watch entrance and exit points, along with checking security badges and patrolling the facility and its surrounding areas.

One of our trademarks in the security business is the personal touch we give to every one of our clients. This starts when you call our offices and continues throughout your contract with Assured Protection. As a family owned and operated business, we can provide customized security plans that larger national firms can’t match.

Each of our client representatives has an extensive security background, and because we believe from promoting within our own company, our employees can use their field experience to create the right solution for protecting you and your employees.

An in-depth interview about your industrial facility, and the services you need are followed up with a tour of the interior and exterior property. This information allows us to create a detailed picture of the property and identify possible weak spots and other areas that require unique solutions.

At Assured Protection we believe in supporting the local economy – whenever possible we use services provided by businesses in the state of Maryland. In addition we do our best to hire employees from surrounding areas, and invest heavily in their training and support.