Protection for Your Employees and Materials

Guarding a distribution center means keeping your materials and employees safe from harm without interrupting your operations.

Most distribution centers have a large footprint and runs multiple shifts throughout the day. With deliveries around the clock and a large workforce, it’s challenging to make sure the site is safe and secure.

Assured Protection’s distribution center services have been designed and perfected over the years. As a result we can create personalized and customized service for your distribution center – with personnel that work with your staff in a friendly and professional manner.

Depending on the materials that you store and distribute, your needs for security can vary from area to area. These scenarios require security specialists with experience and field knowledge – their presence means you, your staff, and workforce can concentrate on business.

Before we create the right security solution, Assured Protections’ client representatives will meet with you – and your team if you would like – to review the current security needs. A tour of the facilities and outlying areas like parking lots and loading docs will help us get a clear picture of how to best deploy our security personnel.

Distribution centers may require both unarmed and armed security specialists to handle the size and complexity of the building and hours of operation. Whether it’s patrolling the outside grounds or the inside of your facility, these specialists are trained to blend in seamlessly with your business and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

If your distribution center is located on a large campus of loading docks, parking facilities, and multiple warehouses, a mobile security unit is the answer. We supply and maintain our own cars, three wheeled scooters and electric carts.

Assured Protection employees operate these vehicles and use them to cover your complex quickly – and in addition to showing a strong security presence, these units can transport employees to their parking spaces, assist with vehicle breakdowns, and work with other security personnel.

Your security concerns can also include your employees and their coworkers. While it can be an uncomfortable subject employee theft can impact your bottom line, and missing parts or materials can delay shipments and cause customers to lose faith in your operations.

Employing our security specialists can reduce theft and shrinkage, and they are trained to work in tandem with your security equipment and protocols. And added layer of personalized protection can reduce losses due to theft, and solidify your reputation among your clients.

Our founder established Assured Protection almost two decades ago because he wanted to use his military and law enforcement experience to serve clients in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania areas. One of his goals was to make sure that personal interaction was part of every client’s experience with the company.

We pride ourselves on being a local security solution – over the years we have worked with large and small corporations in our own backyard. It’s our way of strengthening local businesses and helping keep our economy growing. Whenever we can, Assured Protections uses services provided by local businesses, and we’re proud to hire employees from the surrounding areas.