First Class Security for Your Class A Building

Class A Office Facilities are built and designed to project a professional and welcoming atmosphere. Office spaces are provided at a premium cost, and keeping this investment, along with your employees, safe requires the personal, professional touch that Assured Protection provides.

Services we normally provide for a Class A Office Facility include:

  • Unarmed and Armed Security Specialists
  • Concierge Security
  • Mobile Patrol Services
  • Off-Duty Police

There are multiple security options you can select from our list of services, and each one is staffed by our own employees, we never sub-contract. Our personnel are trained by our founder, who has decades of military, law enforcement and personal security. These lessons and experiences have been used to build a curriculum unlike any other.

Unarmed and armed security specialists can serve multiple functions. In addition to helping guests find your offices, our specialists will monitor each floor, if specified, and also patrol around the building.

A key piece of your appearance and professionalism is concierge security. These specialists greet your guests and help them with directions, while monitoring your lobby area as an extra layer of protection. The first person your potential clients and guests encounter will make a lasting impression.

Mobile patrol services are another solution and whether they’re driving a vehicle, three-wheeled scooter or electric cart, each Assured Protection employee will have your best interests in mind.

Mobile patrols can cover parking lots, parking garages, and your business campus quickly. They can also assist guests who need direction and escort employees to and from their parking spaces.

In some cases, a Class A Office Facility may house businesses that offer sensitive services or cater to upper level company officers. An off-duty police officer’s presence helps maintain that sense of security, and these professionals have years of experience they rely on to handle any situation, should an emergency arise.

Assured Protection prides itself on our personal approach, and that’s why each client meets with one of our representatives before we supply our services. You’ll have a detailed meeting followed by a tour around the facilities that will disclose possible security breaches and help us provide a detailed plan for your Class A Office Facility.

Larger security firms tend to present a one size fits all solution for clients, that generate paper reports filed by their employees. Our approach is completely different because we use Officer Reports software, which eliminates the need for written reports and through timely check-ins give real time data.

Assured Protection specialists input their location and other data into this program so we can monitor their location and other vital events. We can offer quick support should an emergency arise, and make sure our employees are doing their job correctly.

We are a Baltimore based security service firm, and our connections throughout the business community have helped us gain an excellent reputation. In turn, Assured Protection uses the services of local companies whenever we can – buying local helps everyone involved.