We Secure Your Most Valuable Assets

Assured Protections provides services – armed and unarmed security specialists, site security, special event protection and much more – for industries in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania.

Our specialists are trained in-house by our founder, who has decades of experience in military, law enforcement, and personal security. Each employee takes this three-day course and is also taught about appearance, objectives, and how to provide the personal touch with every client and guest interaction.

We use a specially designed reporting and software program – Officer Reports – that tracks our employees while they’re on your site. Real time information is relayed to our offices so we know what’s going on and if there is a security concern. Assured Protection makes this technology available to all of our clients so they can also monitor the situation.

Regardless of what you need safe and secure, we can handle it. Family owned and operated, Assured Protection’s services are personalized and customized to fit the need of each individual client.

Class A Office Facilities

A Class A office facility is usually the newest buildings on the market that are considered valuable real estate entities. These buildings are located in high traffic areas and upscale office parks and are occupied by professional companies with paid management services. Services we normally provide for a Class A Office Facility include:

  • Unarmed and Armed Security Specialists
  • Concierge Security
  • Mobile Patrol Services
  • Off-Duty Police

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Multi-Family Complexes

Apartment buildings, public housing complexes, condominiums and other similar entities require a special type of security – whether it’s unarmed security specialists patrolling the immediate area or mobile patrols working around the clock – Assured Protections is the answer.

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Distribution Centers

Most distribution centers operate throughout the day and night – and need protection from our specialists inside and outside the facility. Mobile patrols can cover a wide area quickly – while armed or unarmed security specialists protect against theft, damage, and other emergencies. We’ll keep your employees and materials safe.

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Industrial Facilities

Assured Protection is familiar with the rules and regulations that govern industrial facilities, and we can provide the type of service best suited for your business concern. We can personalize these services for day and night shifts with highly-trained and attentive personnel who are familiar with the industrial environment.

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Retail Complexes

Shoppers want to feel safe when they’re visiting your retail complex, and vendors also benefit economically from a secure environment. Assured Protection offers security specialists and mobile patrols to help keep patrons safe going and coming to your complex, and when they’re inside. Concierge services, which help inform guests and give directions, are also available.

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Loss Prevention

Theft can severely impact a business’s bottom line, and act as a deterrent to possible customers. We can supply you with undercover or uniformed specialists that work inside your store to monitor possible theft from customers and employees. Security specialists posted outside your store can act as crowd control and can give shoplifters a second though before they even enter.

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Contact Assured Protection today to schedule a meeting with an experienced, professional who can create the perfect, personalized plan to keep your building, employees, and visitors safe.