How to Reduce Risk in the Workplace

Reduce Risk in the Workplace

In the workplace, employees expect much more than a regular paycheck and professional development from their employer. They also expect security. While this is rarely discussed in the interview process or in weekly team meetings, employee security is an understood benefit an employer is expected to offer.


As an employer, you are responsible for providing a safe work environment. This means there are a number of threats that you must consider on a day-to-day basis, including violence, theft, harassment, and even cyber attacks.


Having a robust security plan that addresses some of the most common threats is your best bet to keeping your employees safe and your business successful. Employees who feel secure and believe that their employers are looking out for their best interests will have an overall more positive view of their work, higher morale, and increased productivity.


3 Security Tips to Reduce Risk in Your Office


Preparation is key.


If you only think about security after an incident occurs, you’re leaving your business vulnerable. Don’t wait for an event to happen — instead, prepare your business and employees for a variety of threats they might face.


Have security procedures and protocols written down and easily accessible to all employees. Make sure all staff members receive training on these policies during onboarding and periodically throughout their employment. Conduct drills and mock security threat situations to help your employees feel more confident if an actual situation were to occur.


Monitor access.


If an individual tries to commit a crime in your office space, chances are they haven’t dug a tunnel underground to access the building. More than likely, they have entered through one of your main access points. They could also look like an authorized employee, guest, or vendor. 


This is why it is critical that you develop access policies and ensure they are followed without exception. Establish an identification badge or other system to make sure that only authorized personnel are allowed past main access points. Keeping logs of all visitors can also be a valuable way to monitor access.


Hire professional security guards to monitor your access points. Professional security experts know how to identify suspicious behaviour and can be your best defense in multiple ways. Not only are they specially trained to identify threats, but often their mere presence can deter a would-be criminal.


Hire new employees with care.


While performing background checks can be costly and time consuming, it is critical that you do your due diligence regardless of time or cost. Employees who have not been properly vetted could expose you and your company to liabilities and make you a target for theft. Employees with access to money, intellectual property, or valuable merchandise should always have a background check to ensure there are no red flags.


No matter how trustworthy you believe your employees to be, they might make a bad decision if they are dealing with challenging personal or professional issues. Workplace violence can have a devastating impact on the morale of your company and your business’s reputation. Train managers to identify behaviors that may indicate a potential workplace violence issue, such as lashing out, irritability, or verbal threats.


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Security is not reserved for only one type of business. Businesses of all sizes and across all industries could benefit from creating a safety plan and working with a professional security guard company. Security guards are highly trained professionals who can help ensure that you are providing a safe and productive work environment. Without them, you run the risk of putting your employees and customers in harm’s way.


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