How a Concierge Security Guard Can Make Residents Feel Safe

Concierge Security Guard

Concierge security is a sought-after security option for apartments and office buildings due to the added advantage they offer. Not only do you get someone who will secure the property from burglars and other potential threats, but you also get someone who is able to address front desk questions. Whether you’re leasing office space or high-rise apartments, tenants expect comfortable amenities, spacious facilities, and competitive rates. But without the proper concierge security, even these qualities can fail to attract and retain business.

Concierge Security Guard

When burglars approach a property, they are on the lookout for weak points. A prime example of this is an unattended entry door. Thieves can take advantage of a door left ajar or simply follow other tenants into the space without arousing suspicion. With a concierge security guard at the door, however, you can give your tenants peace of mind.

Typical Concierge Security Duties

Concierge security guards are tasked with a wide range of duties that makes their job a very detailed and important one, giving peace of mind to the people in the building they guard. Duties can include:

  • Greeting, checking in, and directing visitors
  • Enforcing access control and assuring that only authorized personnel enter the building
  • Monitoring operational procedures
  • Maintaining constant surveillance of assigned areas
  • Protecting the property from theft, accidents, fire, and other threats
  • Providing customer service for residents, visitors, and/or guests
  • Writing accident and incident reports for any suspicious activities or safety hazards
  • Responding to calls for assistance
  • Checking bags and packages, as needed

These are all extremely important factors into making your residents feel safe in the building.

Concierge Security Guards Provide Unique Protection

In addition to the obvious monetary losses, a track record of theft and vandalism can eventually push away tenants who fear for their personal safety and property. After all, if you’re renting to a business owner, what happens if their customers’ assets or data are compromised? Something as simple as package theft will eventually make reviews for your property, scaring away potential residents.

If you’re providing space for people to live, work, or play in, investing in concierge security can only improve the tenant experience and boost your bottom line. It requires the right combination of video surveillance, analytics, and trained security personnel to achieve the best end result.

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