An Assured Career With Assured Protection

 Choosing a career may be one of the most important choices a person can make. There are hundreds of factors to consider, and it can be overwhelming. The security profession has attracted a wide variety of personnel, which makes sense since the industry services a wide array of clients – from multinational corporations to local businesses.

At Assured Protection, we seek out the type of person who wants stability in their career, and is interested in helping and protecting our clients. We’ve been successful for 16 years because of the people we hire and train. Our goal isn’t to fill a position, it’s to help employees discover their talents and grow into management positions.

The salaries we offer are competitive, and we’re proud to offer a variety of benefits and perks as you advance in your career. The training you will receive can be applied to almost every facet of your life, and the technology you’ll have access to is designed to improve performance and provide you with new skills.

After you’re hired, your first step will be classroom training with a seasoned security professional. Assured Protection knows that providing security and safety is more than standing behind a lobby desk or walking the perimeter of a warehouse – it’s also learning how to maintain a professional appearance and approach to any task.

Assured Protection is based in Baltimore, Maryland services clients across the state. We also interact with clients based in Washington, DC and Pennsylvania. As big believers in buying local, we also hire local. It’s our way of keeping the economy strong and providing local residents with careers.

So what type of candidate are we looking for?

One who wants to work for a family-owned company that believes in protecting every client’s personnel and property. Assured Protection believes in growing and developing our employees, and showing them the talents and skills they never knew they possessed – yes we’ll challenge you, but we’ll also support you with training, technology, and guidance.

You’ll see by our job postings and website that we offer a wide variety of services, all of which require staffing. While some may require further training or previous experience, positions like Unarmed Security Specialist, Concierge Security, and Mobile Patrol Services are excellent ways to familiarize yourself with the security industry, and identify the growth path you want to take.

For candidates that possess previous experience in a security role such as the armed forces or the police, Assured Protection may have the right opportunities. We’re proud to employ off duty police who are looking for an additional revenue stream while providing security and safety. In addition, we also work with private investigators and experience couriers who are looking for a stable career.

Assured Protection provides superior services with a customized feel backed by the personal touch that you only can find in a family owned and operated business. We take care of our employees because we want them to work with us, not for us.