8 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Private Investigator

We’ve all seen private investigators portrayed on TV and in movies, but what do non-fictional PIs do? Private investigators gather information on sensitive subjects. Whether they gather information for an insurance investigation, employee conduct, worker’s compensation claims, or a complex criminal case, a private investigator can be a valuable solution. If you’re wondering whether you need this kind of help, here are 8 reasons to hire a private investigator.


Private Investigator


Personal Matter Investigation 


There are many important personal reasons why you should consider hiring a PI. How well do you really know your partner? Are you confident he or she is who they say? A relationship background check will verify your partner’s education and employment history, date of birth, criminal record, and more.


Already in a serious relationship? Hiring a PI is your best option when it comes to a cheating spouse. He or she can help confirm or disprove your suspicions by discreetly following your partner and gathering evidence.


Background Checks


Whether you’re checking out a new business to partner with or a potential employee, a private investigator can compile more information than you could imagine to help you make an informed decision. 


A PI can locate and sift through records and paperwork to uncover any potential red flags that could hold up your next business deal. He or she can verify a potential employee’s resume, background check, and references.


International Business Deals


Investing internationally can be financially rewarding, but it does have significant risk as well. Due to the wide range of laws and customs across various countries, working with a PI can help protect your investment and ensure compliance with intricate laws across varying jurisdictions.


Hidden Assets


Suspect your partner has a secret rainy day fund? A PI can help confirm or disprove your suspicion. For married couples or business partners, the importance of this investigation is even greater because the information could be relevant in any court proceedings. A private investigator can work closely with your legal counsel to uncover the facts and best represent your interests.


Abuse Claims


If you suspect someone is abusing a child, an elder, or anyone else, you’ll need evidence to have them convicted. Once you bring on a PI, he or she will confirm or relieve your suspicions, then build a case against the abuser if necessary.  


Identity Theft


In the digital age we live in, identity theft is more common than not. Having your identity stolen is frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive to fix. You’ll want help to gather information on those stealing from you. A PI can use his or her resources to find out the identity of the thief and create a report for pursuing criminal charges.


Personal Injury Claims


Worker’s compensation claims are expensive and damaging to a business’s reputation and productivity. While accidents happen, a dishonest employee might try to cheat the system by filing false claims. A PI can get to the bottom of the situation and ferret out the truth.


Missing People


Multitudes of people go missing everyday. It might be a personal choice to escape debt or a bad home situation, or it could be that someone was abducted against their will. Private investigators are well-equipped to track missing persons down and bring them back.




There are always people trying to cheat the system through fraud. Welfare and insurance fraud are two of the most common types, but they are not isolated examples. A private investigator can help assemble a case against the perpetrator of any fraud against you or your business.


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