5 Black Friday Safety Tips

Black Friday Safety

Black Friday is the shopping event of the year. With limited-time, amazing deals on all the items you want to give your loved ones for the holidays, it can be a very dangerous day if you’re not careful. Black Friday sales tend to bring out the worst in customers who are all looking for big savings on popular items. However, no sale is worth suffering physical harm, but yet, year after year, many shoppers are hurt in the mad rush that is the day after Thanksgiving. For those who are preparing to brave the masses, consider these 5 Black Friday safety tips.


Black Friday Safety


Always Be Alert and Aware When You’re Shopping


Paying attention to your surroundings could be the #1 safety tip for Black Friday shopping. Don’t let yourself be distracted by your children, your cellphone, or anything else. If you are distracted in a large crowd, you become a prime target for theft. People will not hesitate to steal your wallet right out of your pocket or purse. 


Never carry a large amount of cash on Black Friday. Head to the stores armed with credit or debit cards, so you are less likely to be targeted by pickpockets. 


Never Leave Your Purse Unattended in Your Shopping Cart


It is not worth the potential risk to walk away from your cart, if you can help it. Your back might be turned for only a second, but someone could either snatch items out of your cartor walk off with your entire cart as if it was theirs. You’ll want to secure your purse to your body and carry as little in it as possible. If you have a tight grip on your purse, someone is less likely to be able to snatch it from you.


Be Wary of Retailers Promising Special Discounts to a Select Group


When retailers offer special coupons or gift cards to a limited number of people, it’s usually based on the first number of customers who enter the store upon opening. This can lead to protests, fights, and stampedes. In crowds such as these, people have been trampled and severely hurt or even killed when doors open for business.


Make Sure Everyone in Your Party Has Access to a Cell Phone


If you are going Black Friday shopping with friends or family, you’ll need a way to find one another if you get separated by the crowds. It is also a good idea for each person in your party to wear brightly colored clothing that will make it easy to spot them. This is especially important if you are shopping with children. Advise your children that if they get separated from you, they should go straight to a store employee, security guard, or police officer.


Stay Safe on the Roads to and from the Stores


Black Friday tends to make people careless about their driving, as well as making them impatient and irritable. Drive carefully if you plan to go out in Black Friday traffic and try to stay calm!


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