5 Benefits of Armed Security Guard Patrol Services

5 Benefits of Armed Security Guard Patrol Services

No matter what type of business you own or manage, it’s valuable in terms of assets, holdings, property values, and most importantly – your employees and staff. Keeping these assets and people safe and secure requires a variety of safety procedures – from locks on the doors to encrypted passwords to safe and secure parking garages.

Professionals On Duty

An armed security guard patrol service may seem like an extreme step to take when it concerns your business, but there are plenty of benefits associated with them. An armed security specialist usually has law enforcement or military experience, so they know how to read and react to any situation before anything gets out of control.

The armed security specialists that Assured Protection provides have received their certifications through the State of Maryland. Once we receive their application, it is reviewed and submitted by us to the Secretary of the State of Maryland for final approval.

Many of our armed security specialists are off-duty police officers who have served for years as police officers. Their experience and training gives them the tools they need when they’re on the job.

A Natural Deterrent

While unarmed security specialists offer a sense of safety, an armed security specialist on patrol serves as a strong warning to anyone on your property who may be contemplating a crime or causing trouble. Seeing an armed security specialist guard patrol is usually more than enough for them to quickly leave the area.

Perfect for Covering Ground

When you employ an Assured Protection armed security on guard patro they will be fully equipped with the latest tools and training to perform their jobs. They may be driving Assured Protection vehicles or walking a planned foot patrol – either way they can cover a wide area quickly and efficiently.

Employee Safety

You want your employees to feel safe, whether they are working behind a retail counter or walking from their offices to the parking garage. When they see that you have made an investment to keep them secure, you’ll be rewarded with their loyalty and appreciation – two key elements in building and maintaining a  successful business. Most importantly, they are kept safe.

Just In Case

No one wants to consider what could happen in an extreme emergency, but it’s something owners and business managers need to include in their safety protocol. If a crime should occur and the perpetrators are armed, or an active shooter appears on your property, an armed security specialist knows what to do, and how to do it quickly and accurately. Even though it’s a rare occurrence, having the right person there can be the difference between life and death.

Coordination with Emergency Services

An armed security specialist has the field experience and knowledge on the immediate steps to take if an emergency occurs. Having them on the scene to coordinate with other emergency services – EMTs, on-duty police, or fire departments, reduces confusion and increases reaction time. Being able to deal professionally with emergency services is invaluable in a time of crisis and confusion.

Assured Protection can supply you and your business with armed security specialists who are highly trained and experienced. You can contact us at 443-281-8391, email us for a quote, or visit our website.