4 Reasons Why Professionals Need Personal Protection

Personal Protection

It sounds like something from a movie or television show – a personal bodyguard shadowing a VIP, complete with earpiece, dark suit, and sunglasses. In reality, there are a variety of reasons why professionals need personal protection.


Personal protection services are used by all types of professionals, from top executives to politicians and popular performing artists, and other people who want an extra layer of security. While law enforcement personnel provide security at public events, the presence of a bodyguard sends out a strong message to possible assailants.


CEOs Are Valuable

Chief Executive Officers, along with other members of a company or institution are more than just employees with impressive titles. They represent the direction and profitability of their company, and in the case of publicly traded companies, their health and actions can directly affect the company’s value in the stock market.


A personal protection agent can be employed to protect these company officers when they are traveling or making public appearances. These agents usually dress in plain clothes and blend in with the scenery.


Travel in High Risk Situations

If you’re a professional and your work takes you around the world, there may be times when you have to visit an area that is high risk. However, you still need to conduct business, attend meetings, and help your company grow.


A security specialist can travel with you and before the trip collect important information, including and restrictions on travel, alerts from other countries, and making sure all of your stops on your travel itinerary are also thoroughly researched.


Discretion While Traveling

When a company executive, politician, or celebrity is making appearances or attending events, local law enforcement is on hand to provide security, along with crowd control. However, there may be times when this type of attention isn’t needed. Personal protection specialists can provide security without drawing attention. You can complete your duties without worrying about dealing with distractions.


Guarding Against Risk

The world isn’t a safe place, and while that’s not a very comforting thought, it is a reality. In the event that threats have been made, a personal protection specialist can help prevent an event before it happens – and their skills and experience also helps with traveling safety and avoiding risky situations and venues.


Assured Protection’s Services

For more than two decades, we’ve been supplying security specialists in a variety of positions, including personal protection. Our Founder has more than 30 years of military, law enforcement, and security experience, and he shares this with our employees and managers, who he trains personally.


The professional security specialists we retain have years of experience and training that allows them to deal with multiple situations. Discreet and professional, they make sure that the people they are guarding remain safe and secure, so they can conduct their business without worrying.


Our account executive will meet with you and your staff to discuss every detail of the assignment. Once this is complete, you’ll receive a proposal that addresses all of your concerns, along with consultation on how to proceed.


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