3 Benefits of Access Control Systems for Small Businesses

access control systems

Access control might be something that small business owners mistakenly consider to only be necessary for large office blocks and locations. However, thanks to the flexibility of these systems, their installation can represent significant advantages for even the smallest of concerns.


access control systems

There are three main types of access control systems for small businesses. IP (or cloud-based) systems, IoT systems, and device-based control. IP systems store access permissions in the cloud, allowing easy control from anywhere with an internet connection. The IoT (Internet of Things) system takes this one step further by being able to integrate with other security devices, such as alarm systems, security lighting, and more. Device-based control can be thought of the same way as an app. Download and install software onto a smart device, and you’re able to manage the complete security system from anywhere.


You’ll have to research which system is best for your business, but if you’re still not fully convinced that an access control system is necessary for your business, here are 3 benefits of access control systems for small businesses.


Protection of Valuables


The first benefit to control access systems for small businesses may seem obvious, but it is the most important. From computers and office equipment through to commodities and goods for sale, access control ensures that you not only know who’s there at any given time, but you can rest easy that doors are always locked and physical assets are secure.


Restrict Certain Areas


The second benefit to control access systems might be a little less obvious. Perhaps you need to ensure no-one can access your office while you’re not in the building. Or maybe you want to lock the storeroom over the weekend or during a holiday. No matter the reason, access control allows you to choose who can access what locations within a business and when they can access it.


Hard to Duplicate


The final benefit of control access systems for small businesses is that the system is hard to replicate. Anyone can make a copy of a key but doing the same with access control is rather more complex. If someone loses a key card (or other means of access) this can easily and quickly be disabled.


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