10 Low-Cost Security Tips for Small Businesses

Low-Cost Security Tips

Most, if not all, small business owners spend heaps of time and energy worrying about their business; it’s part of the job. The security of the facility, equipment, and inventory is one of the most often-mentioned worries. And it’s no surprise why; crime can be especially devastating to small businesses, collectively costing them billions of dollars a year.


When you think about business security, there are many different facets to consider; you have to look at employee theft, customer theft, burglary, cyberattacks, vandalism, and more. Even small things like employee turnover can cost money and make your business more vulnerable.


When small businesses are victims of crime, they often react by changing their hours of operation, raising prices, or spending a lot of money to relocate to a safer location. These changes are expensive and may not even be successful. Sadly enough, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, crime is a factor in 30% of all small business closures. Luckily, there are several inexpensive ways to help deter crime. Here are 10 low-cost security tips for small businesses. 


Access Control


Controlling who can enter and access the safe and merchandise after hours is the first step towards helping to secure your small business. Keep your keys in trusted hands and make use of defense mechanisms you already have installed these 4 tips.


  1. Lock-up right: Using locks like deadbolts on all outside entrances means that any burglar must use more than a basic tool to break-in. Outer doors should be metal-lined and secured with metal cross bars as well.


  1. Keep track of your keys: Only essential personnel should be given keys and each should be numbered and coded for tracking purposes.


  1. Install a safe: Put all cash, valuables, and important records in a fire-proof and securely anchored safe each night when closing. 


  1. Empty your register: By taking the cash out of the register each night and opening the drawer to show it is empty, criminals can see there’s nothing to steal.


Help Secure the Exterior


Visibility is important. Potential intruders want a clear view of your valuables, so they can make a quick getaway. Help safeguard your employees with these next 5 security tips.


  1. Install proper lighting: Proper lighting is important for the front and back entrances, as well as the parking lot. You never want employees to feel unsafe when they’re leaving work. 


  1. Protect your windows: One way to help prevent intrusion through windows is to use reinforced glass or cover them with special glazing. All windows should be locked, and in high crime areas, consider metal grates.


  1. Lose the shrubs: Reduce vegetation around the business. This eliminates any intruder hiding places and provides police a clear view.


  1. Clean up your trash: Don’t leave discarded boxes outside. Fresh boxes indicate that a new shipment of merchandise has been stocked inside, just waiting to be stolen. Instead, ensure boxes are broken down and properly disposed of.


  1. Be smart about your layout: Display expensive items near the center of the store, away from the exits. This will prevent any “grab and go” situations.


  1. Hire a mobile security patrol service: Mobile security is a more cost-effective option than an on-site security guard and a more proactive option than security cameras. They are reliable, respond quickly, can prevent crime, ensure employee and visitor safety, and provide emergency assistance.


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